Along the Vistula meanders (trail 6)

Distance:7.3 km Duration:0:37 h h Calories:291 kcal
The trail starts in Facimiech, at the crossing with the “Skawina Municipality beauty spots” round-trip trail, then runs north through the former park and a manorial complex, a kindergarten, the presbytery, continuing along the Vistula embankment to Pozowice. At the road crossing, near the community house, the trail turns north-west and continues along a picturesque municipal road following the Vistula embankment. Across the street to the community house, a resting point is situated where you can build up your strength before setting off on the trail again. In Jaśkowice the trail leads up the Vistula embankment offering scenic views up to the border of the Brzeźnica Municipality, to finally reach a ferry crossing in Czernichowie. Having crossed the Vistula, the trail goes along the blue trail in the Czernichów Municipality.
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